Zach Mako

Hello, Lehigh Valley, and welcome to !

The 29-year-old Zach Mako likes to present himself as a voice of the future and a tech whiz; well, apparently State Rep. Steve Jobs over here forgot to register his own website.

Should have called the Geek Squad, Zach.

Of course, Zach Mako has forgotten a lot of things. For example: He’s forgotten what it means to stand up and represent himself in front of Lehigh Valley.

Zach Mako refuses to debate his opponent . He refused to debate in 2016 , too. In fact, he accepted a debate invitation from the nonpartisan League of Women Voters and then backed out via text message at the last minute.

Where is this guy? Punxsutawney Phil makes more annual appearances than Zach Mako. Is Rep. Mako trying to get into the Pennsylvania legislature or the Witness Protection Program?

Zach Mako is a young guy. Unfortunately, like many young guys, he has ghosted Lehigh Valley. His official state portrait should appear on the back of a milk carton. If you see Zach Mako, please return him to the nearest debate stage so we can actually hear some of his ideas for Pennsylvania.

And what was Zach Mako doing instead of debating, you might wonder? What pressing issue caused him to miss voters’ one opportunity to measure him side-by-side against his opponent? He was attending a fundraiser for himself.

Come on, Zach! At least claim you had to wash your hair.

Pennsylvania needs representatives who will take on healthcare lobbyists and opioid dealers. Zach Mako won’t even take on questions from the League of Women Voters. This Halloween season, it seems Zach Mako’s idea of a scary costume is a Debate Moderator.

What is actually scary is the extremely gerrymandered 183rd district, which looks like Pac-Man after chin reduction surgery . Who designed this monstrosity? There have been better decisions made at the Wawa sandwich counter at 3 A.M..

Zach Mako won’t do anything about it. He refuses to accept the new districts , created by a bipartisan commission, that actually represent Pennsylvanians.

You might think that, given all time he’s freed up not doing debates, Zach Mako might have hatched up a redistricting plan of his own, or offered practical suggestions for how he would make the Pennsylvania State Legislature more equitable.

But he’s got nothing . Maybe that’s the kind of information he’s telling his donors when he’s skipping out on debates.

So: What do we know about Mr. Mako?

  1. He’s a big Fake-O on fixing gerrymandering.
  2. He’s a bigger Flake-O at attending debates.
  3. He’d rather Take-O money from rich donors than talk to Pennsylvanians.

What does Zach Mako actually make? Excuses, mostly.

On Debate Night, Zach Mako hung out with his donors. On Election Night, let’s give Rep. Mako some time off.